Orientation Programme is an ice-breaking session to familiarize the foreign students with the university set-up, rules and regulations of the University and the city of Hyderabad. It is an excellent time to meet with other old and new students of Osmania University.


The UFRO is offering Health Insurance Policy on compulsory basis from the academic year 2010-11 onwards, keeping in view the number of ailments that foreign students face with every year. Every student is required to pay the requisite fee towards Health and Accident Insurance Policy along with the tuition fee at the time of final admission process. Each student will be issued an identity card for health insurance and this facility would enable the insured persons to obtain cashless treatment in any of the enlisted hospitals for their ailments. The TPAs will directly settle the bills in the hospital wherever the cashless treatment is offered. In cases where this facility is not available, the bills will be settled in favour of the insured person. Since the Jurisdiction of the Medical Insurance is entire country (India), the Personal Accidental Policy covers accidental death and injuries anywhere in India. During hospitalization, charges for drugs, diagnostic tests and any surgery performed as advised by the Doctor are covered.


The UFRO conducts cultural activities and sports & games competitions every year for International Students in order to bring out the innate and artistic talents of the foreign students. It is also a kind of cultural exchange.


The UFRO holds DEGREE AWARD CEREMONY exclusively for all the outgoing foreign graduates. It is a picturesque gathering with all the foreign students wearing graduation gowns and crowns, receiving their degrees and sharing the happy and ecstatic moments with their parents and families.


Every year the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor hosts an AT HOME function for the international students in order to make them feel at home even if they are away from home. This is a very nice get-together where all the foreign students interact with each other and perform some skits and cultural programmes to express their solidarity.

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