01 P.G.Diploma in Physician Assistant,P.G.Diploma in medical Informatics,P.G.Diploma in emergency Medical care, P.G. Diploma in Health Insurance, P.G. Diploma in Bio-Informatics etc.1 year The Candidate must have obtained his/her degree at home country/ in India in the concerned subject or allied subject(s)
02 Ph.D. 4 years The candidate must have obtained his/her Master's degree at home country/ in India in the concerned/allied subject with a minimum of 55% marks.

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Fees Structure(2014-2015)

Note: Please note that the following Fee Structure is subject to change.
S.No Course Duration Cost of Application form (one time payment)(Rs.) Registration fee(One time payment) (Rs.) Tuition Fee(per annum) (Rs.)
1. Ph.D.(Arts/Social Sc/Education/ Physical Education) 4/6years 400 15000 172500
2. Ph.D.(Sc./Com/Law/Bus Mgmt.) 4/6years 400 15000 207000
3. Ph.D.(Engg./Tech./Informatics) 4/6years 400 15000 287500
4. CCEFS(Full-time) 10months 400 7000 28900
5. P.G.Diploma in Physician Assistant ,P.G.Diploma in Medical Informatics, P.G.Diploma in Emergency Medical Care, P.G.Diploma in Health Insurance & other PG Diplomas 1year 400 7000 Double the tuition fee charged to Indian Students
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