In exercise of the powers conferred by Clause (j) of the section (46) of the Osmania University Act 1959 (A.P. Act IX of 1959) the Syndicate hereby makes the following Ordinance in respect of the discipline of students of the university:


Without prejudice to the general meaning of the term ‘indiscipline’ or ‘ misconduct’ the following acts of students, among others, shall constitute acts of indiscipline or misconduct.

  1. Impolite or offensive behaviour or use/ show of force against any employee / student of the University in the University premises or outside.
  2. Resorting to acts of intimidation or coercion or gheroas.
  3. Causing damage to University property.
  4. Tampering with any fittings (including sanitary and electrical) and furniture of the University.
  5. Defacing walls or other surfaces of any University buildings / property.
  6. Getting enrolled in more than one course of study simultaneously.
  7. Committing forgery, tampering with / misusing of the University documents/records, identification cards, etc
  8. Furnishing false certificates or information to any office under the control and jurisdiction of the University.
  9. Consuming or possessing alcoholic drinks, dangerous drugs or other intoxicants in the University premises.
  10. Indulging in acts of gambling in the University premises.
  11. Unauthorized entry into any University Office / Department / Swimming Pool / Sports field.
  12. Unauthorized use of the University property / equipment.
  13. Refusing to leave any Office / department / swimming pool / sports field when asked to do so by an employee who is authorized in this regard.
  14. Indulging in violence including use of abusive language against any employee of the University in the premises or outside.
  15. Preventing any employee of the University from discharging his/her duties.
  16. Possessing or using lethal weapon such as knives, lathis, iron chains, iron rods, sticks, explosives or fire-arms in the University premises.
  17. Bringing or harbouring or entertaining any stranger within the University Hostels buildings, dining halls, Library without permission from competent authority.
  18. Arousing, communal, caste or regional feelings or creating disharmony among students.
  19. Indulging in any act of ragging.
  20. Not disclosing one’s identity when asked to do so by an employee who is authorized to ask for identity.
  21. Tearing or pages, defacing, burning or in any way destroying books of the library.
  22. Preventing in any manner the use of the library facility.
  23. Unauthorized occupation of the hostel room.
  24. Impolite or offensive behaviour, Use/show or force against any employees/students of the University in any of the buildings of the University or outside, Tampering with or misusing with any fittings (including sanitary and electrical) and furniture of the University.
  25. Unauthorized shifting of furniture in the hostel rooms.
  26. Bringing guests to hostels without necessary permission of the Chief Warden / Warden.
  27. Not vacating, hostel room during vacation when asked to do so or when an instruction is issued to that effect or after cancellation of one’s hostel admission.
  28. Unauthorized entry into a dinning hall and use of mess facilities therein.
  29. Improper rendering of accounts for the money drawn from any office under the control and jurisdiction of the University.
  30. Coercing the medical staff to render medical assistance to unauthorized persons.
  31. Pilfering of medicines or forcibly taking them away.
  32. Coercing the medical staff to issue certificates.
  33. Violation of any other Rules / Instructions/ Regulations issued by the University / College / Department / Library / Hostel / Mess from time to time.
  34. Disobedience of any of the Rules under this ordinance.
  35. Any other act of indiscipline not defined herein.



The following penalties may, for acts of indiscipline or misconduct or for good and sufficient reasons and as herein after provided, be imposed on a student namely,

  1. Warning
  2. Fine
  3. Recovery of pecuniary loss caused to the property.
  4. Cancellation of Scholarships or any financial assistance from any source, or recommendation to that effect to the sanctioning agency.
  5. Debarring from participation in Sports/NCC/NSS and other such.
  6. Disqualifying from holding any representative position in the Class/College/Hostel/Mess/Sports and in similar other activities.
  7. Expulsion from the College/Hostel/Mess/Library.
  8. Debarring from an examination
  9. Debarring from the University.
  10. Disqualifying from further studies.
  11. Entering the act of indiscipline in the Conduct Certificate/Transfer Certificate.


    Where a prima facie case is made out and disciplinary proceeding under this Ordinance is contemplated or is initiated; or where a case against a student in respect of any criminal offence is under investigation or trial, the person authorized to take disciplinary action may pending enquiry,
    1. suspend a student from the Class/College/Hostel/Mess/Library or availment of any other facility.
    2. Order suspension of Scholarship or any financial assistance from any source, or recommend to that effect to the sanctioning agency.
  1. An order under clause (i) of this Rule shall be followed by a Charge-sheet within 7 days, except where a case for a criminal offence against the students is under investigation or trial.
  2. An order under clause(i) of this Rule shall not remain in force for more than a period of one month from the date of its issue except in a case where any criminal offence is under investigation or trial, provided that for reasons to be recorded in writing the said period of one month may be extended if in the opinion of the person passing the order under clause (i) the enquiry could not be completed within the period of one month for reasons directly attributable to the student.


  1. A student may appeal against an order passed by any of the authorized persons to take disciplinary action. An order passed by the Discipline Committee on such appeal shall be final.
  2. An appeal against an original order of the Discipline Committee shall lie to the Syndicate whose decision shall be final.
  3. No appeal under this part shall be entertained unless it is submitted within a period of 15 days from the date of which the appellant receives a copy of the order appealed against, provided that the Appellate Body may entertain the appeal after the expiry of the said period, if it is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient cause for not submitting the appeal in time.

Attendance rules

At the end of the each semester/Year, the cumulative percentage of attendance is calculated and the student is issued a hall-ticket for the ensuing examination only if he/she has the stipulated percentage of attendance, i.e., 75%.

A candidate's promotion to subsequent semesters is subject to regular attendance (75%), payment of fee (including exam fee), and good conduct in the college.

Backlog rules

For Semester Scheme

During the regular exams of I, III and V semesters, backlogs of these semesters as well as the VI semester will be conducted. At this time there will be no backlog exams for the II and IV semesters. During the regular II, IV and VI semester exams, all backlogs (I to IV semester) will be conducted.

For Year-Wise Scheme

The backlog exams of the 1st year should be written in the subsequent year.

Re-admission rules

  • For candidates detained due to shortage of attendance: Incase of the candidate who fail to put in the required attendance (75%) in a course of study, the admission into which is based on the qualifying examination he/she shall be detained in the same class and will not be permitted to appear for the University Examination. Such candidates shall have to seek re-admission into the class during the subsequent year in order to complete the shortage in attendance and appear for the examination after fulfilling the attendance requirements.
  • For candidates detained due to backlogs: They have to clear the minimum number of backlog papers to be eligible
  • The candidates seeking re-admission are directed to take re-admission at the office of University Foreign Relations Office (U.F.R.O.) in the beginning of the next academic year, i.e., on or before 3rd August.
  • Re-admitted candidates have to pay the Tuition fee pertaining to the academic year in which he/she takes re-admission.

Malpractice rules

Malpractice/copying is strictly prohibited during examinations. Foreign students are advised not to indulge in any malpractice during examinations. If any student is found guilty of malpractice, he/she shall be penalized as per the decision of the Mal-Practice Committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. He/She shall be debarred from appearing at the subsequent papers of the Examination apart from canceling the result of the examination in which he/she had indulged in malpractice.

All the final year foreign students are hereby instructed to complete the process of collection of all certificates like memoranda of marks, provisional certificate original degree certificate, migration certificate, transfer certificate, medium certificate and no-objection letter (to leave the country/joining any other university) within three months from the date of declaration of results, failing which their requests for the extension of visa shall not be entertained under any circumstances.

For foreign students seeking admission at ISH, O.U.

  • The resident is instructed to always carry the hostel identity card. The security personnel / hostel authorities may inspect this any time.
  • Residents are expected to behave decently and politely with the hostel staff at all times and shall not enter into any arguments with them. Any grievances should be brought to the notice of the Hostel Manager or Director of ISH.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the residential areas of the hostel.
  • Residents should get their rooms cleaned in their presence or hand over the keys to the cleaning staff appointed for the purpose.
  • They should not handover their room keys to any unauthorized person. They should keep their doors locked even if they go out for a short while.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or drugs in the Hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • All the residents are directed to be in their rooms latest by 10.30 p.m.
  • They should ensure that the heaters, geysers, taps and other electrical equipments are closed/switched off when they leave the hostel premises.


  • Admissions are open from 1st week of January every year. The cutoff date for submission of applications for UG, PG & Diploma Courses is May 31 every year and for BE/B.Tech/B.Pharmacy/Pharma.D./MBA/MCA Courses is June 30 every year. Admissions are open throughout the academic year for Ph.D. Courses.
  • All the transactions must be through Demand Drafts only, in favour of “DIRECTOR, UFRO, O.U.”, payable at Hyderabad. There is no MONEY TRANSFER POLICY.
  • Registration fee is a non-refundable fee.
  • A foreign student of any other Indian University is required to submit a “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” in order to seek admission into this University.
  • Student Visa must be endorsed to Osmania University only.
  • Students must bring all the original qualifying certificates while reporting for final admission.
  • The decision taken by the Director, UFRO shall be final in all the cases.
  • No internal transfers from one college to another college under any circumstances.
  • One cannot pursue two courses simultaneously during the same academic year.
  • The Tuition fee must be paid in full at a time on or before August 31 every year, failing which the following late fee shall be levied:
    • Late fee from September 1 to September 30 every year- Rs. 1000
    • Late fee from October 1 to October 31 every year- Rs. 1500
    • Late fee from November 1 to November 30 every year- Rs. 2000 (He/She will not be allowed to write examinations without payment of Tuition Fee)
  • All Admissions into UG, PG, Professional Courses are done through UFRO, O.U. No student shall be admitted directly into Campus, Constituent and Affiliated Colleges of Osmania University without final admission letter issued by the Director, UFRO, O.U.
  • Children of NRI are not eligible for UG, PG & Professional Courses under foreign students’ category. They are eligible for admission into Engineering Courses only.
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