Message from the Joint Director

I am glad that the University Foreign Relations Office, Osmania University is facilitating the admission of more than two thousand foreign students in Osmania University every year. There is a need for the  newly admitted students to understand the University and higher education system at Hyderabad better; and also the dos and don’ts for the students.

Osmania University is one of the oldest and leading Universities in the country and it has always been a preferred destination of the foreign students. The high standards maintained by the University in the field of research and higher education are on par with the other global institutions.

The foreign students would do well to understand that Indian culture is so great that it has always treated every ‘guest’ as a God (Atithi Devo Bhavah). At the same time the students also should realize that they have to follow the law of the land and respect the institutional discipline.

Thus arises the need to respect the system and the institutions. I am sure that all the international students would derive maximum advantage of their stay at Osmania University; and that they would make themselves very responsible students during their study at the University.

I wish the newly admitted students all the very best and hope that they would make their mother country and India equally proud of their association with the great Osmania University.

Warm Wishes, 

Prof. P. Rajasekhar,

Joint Director, UFRO, OU.

Prof. P. Rajasekhar

Professor of Civil Engineering


Joint Director, UFRO, O.U.