For Foreign Students held up in their respective Countries (prior to June 2020) 

and writing Semester-end Examinations (Regular/Backlogs)


All the Foreign Students pursuing Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Courses in the Campus, Constituent and Affiliated Colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University, who are required to write their Semester-end Examinations (Regular/Backlogs)  in 2019-20, are hereby informed that the University is conducting the said examinations  in December 2020. Those foreign students who are in their Countries prior to June 2020 and are unable to come to India for the Examinations  and who have applied for the examinations to be held in 2019-20 [semester-end examinations (Regular/Backlogs)], are required to furnish the following details on or before December 12, 2020,  in the format given below to the, so as to take necessary action to conduct semester examinations on par with the regular and backlog examinations conducted for Indian students and foreign students in India:


You will be considered for the examinations only if you fulfil the following conditions:

  • Payment of your tuition fee till date.
  • Payment of your examination fee for the exams to be conducted. (Please contact the Principal of your college regarding any clarification/query related to payment of Examination fee.)


You are instructed to post your queries ( if any)  to the WhatsApp number of Dr Ravi Kumar Jasti, Joint Director, UFRO, OU, +91 9490626676. You are also requested to inform all your friends who are held up in their countries and unable to come to Hyderabad to write their semester-end examinations (Regular/Backlogs).



Note: Autonomous College students are requested to contact concerned college principal.  

Check the time tables and fill the proforma 

PG II sem   [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]

PG I & III sem [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]   

BCA SEM IV [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]

B Pharmacy [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]

MBA SEM II [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]

LLM SEM II [Download Proforma][Download Timetable]