DEFINITION OF FOREIGN STUDENTS (INCLUDING OCI / PIO) AND INDIAN NRI STUDENTS: INTERNATIONAL /FOREIGN STUDENTS:  International/Foreign students are the students holding passport issued by foreign country including Persons of India Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries. NON RESIDENT INDIAN (NRI) STUDENTS: (with effect from 2012-13) Non Resident Indian (NRI) students are the Indian Nationals studying abroad. They must have had at least three (3) years of Education in any foreign country during the last six (6) years and must pass the qualifying examination (inclusive of 11th & 12th standard or equivalent) from abroad only. [Adopted as per the guidelines of DASA Scheme (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) 2011-12 for the admission into NITs] NRI students are eligible for admission into B.E. /B.Tech. Courses only. Only those NRI students who fulfill the above criteria are allowed to apply for admission into B.E. /B.Tech. Courses.