Exam Notification for BCA (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations, Nov/Dec -2021

Notice for Examinations
(For Foreign Students held up in their respective Countries and writing BCA (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations, Nov./Dec.-2021)
All the Foreign Students pursuing BCA (CBCS) in the Constituent & Affiliated Colleges under the jurisdiction of Osmania University, who are required to write their BCA (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations are hereby informed that the University is conducting the said examinations in November/December-2021. It has come to our notice that some students went back to their respective Countries due to COVID-19 pandemic situation/renewal of passport/or any other reason. Such of those foreign students who are in their Countries and who have applied for BCA (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations to be held in November/December 2021, are required to furnish the details on or before November 27, 2021 in the prescribed format to director.ufro@gmail.com, to conduct said examinations in November /December 2021 along with Indian students and foreign students in India.

You will be allowed for the examinations subject to the following conditions:
⦁ Payment of your tuition fee till date.
⦁ Payment of your examination fee for the exams to be conducted. (Please contact the Principal of your college regarding any clarification / query related to payment of Examination fee.)

You are requested to post your queries to the WhatsApp number of Mrs. T.V.S. Lakshmi, Asst. Registrar, UFRO, OU, +91 8712780185. You are also requested to inform all your friends who are held up in their countries and unable to come to Hyderabad to appear for BCA (CBCS) (Main & Backlog) Examinations to be held in November/December 2021.



Time Table [Download]
Format to be filled by candidate [Download]